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Little Ecos is a family owned small business that started with an idea of designing products that not only add value but also add a meaning in your little one's life. That's why our products are designed not only to be Eco-Friendly, Non toxic & planet concious but also are versatile, re-usable and long lasting. Plus all of our material is conciously made to keep your little one safe !!

Little Ecos 4 in 1 cups

Benefits of 4 cups in 1 - Hurray! they are Multifunctional

Yes! - We got you covered.

If you are looking for a multi functional cup and want to make sippy cup interesting for your kids, then Little Ecos tumblers are for you. Our 4 in 1 cups are perfect transition cups for your toddlers and are SHATTER PROOF, made of superior quality that lasts for a life time + your little ones don't feel left out. So you get more bang for your buck.

Meal time Inspiration :D


    Without lid these cups can be perfect for training a toddler to transition from their regular sippy cups. Encourage independent drinking + smooth edges makes sipping more comfortable.


    Comes with a see through lid perfect for checking if you kid needs a re-fill. Can we perfect for everyday use.


    Double walled makes sure your kid can be comfortable holding hot or cold liquids. Can be used to pack a hot soup, mac & cheese or cold drink to school or a summer camp.


    Threaded twist top makes it perfect travel cups & baby food storage cups.