About Us

At Little Ecos we believe that it is constant choices that change and shape a human being.

A happy life, free life and successful life are all feelings and they start with a change. In fact, this is true of all popular lifestyle habits (aka sustainability, minimalism, eco-friendly).

Our story started when we became parents. We read as many books as we could and listened to almost every podcast available to understand what could make our kids' lives better. But on this journey, we realized that unless we change, nothing can be made better. So, the change started with a mindset shift to more implementing and less telling/correcting our kids.

With a focus more on why we do than how we do, we started making small changes like choosing products that can add meaning (whether small or big) with less noise and that can bring a positive impact to our kids’ lives. That was the moment we realized how very normal products that we use in our everyday life can do wonders! And just like that, a brand was born. Our products are not only designed to provide value but also are eco-friendly, re-usable, and recyclable and send a message of positivity, minimalism, love, care, and respect towards mother nature and are less harmful to the environment. Not only our cuttles can be used as water bottles or smoothie cups but also can be used as mason jars and as training cups for toddlers with the lid off. Plus, all of our products are 3rd party quality tested. So, there is less worry and more warmth